Back to the Grind

Coming back from vacation feels like I never left.  I think that every post I write after vacation is the same.  The depressing thought that I waited so long for vacation to come and now it’s over.  We had a blast over Pesach (we were all off) and took advantage of the nice weather.  We went to the zoo, flew kites at the park and went to a children’s museum- on the only day with bad weather. 

our kite- it got pretty high even though there wasn’t much wind

I have to say that this vacation refreshed me.  I have a re-newed feeling and I hope it lasts a long time.  DH and I are trying to eat healthier and I want to start organizing the messes in my house.  We have to start planning DS1’s upsherin and decide what we’re going to do for the 3-day Shavuos. 

Back to the grind… laundry, grocery shopping and cooking.  Oh yeah, and I have to unpack all the suitcases we brought with us… It’s a never-ending cycle.

Hope everyone had a great Pesach!

Until next time,