Afternoon Babysitter

We finally got confirmation that our department will be moving to a new location in the beginning of July.  Since my commute will be much longer, I would have to leave work by 4pm to make it home in time to pick the kids up from daycare.  While I’d love to leave early everyday, it’s not really realistic (or responsible). 
After much consideration we decided to hire an afternoon babysitter.  Luckily, we found someone who would be able to pick up the boys, drive them home and feed them dinner.  I’m hoping that with an earlier dinner schedule, things will be less hectic and more organized every night. 
While I’m really nervous about this new arrangement, I think the timing is perfect.  With DS1 attending yeshiva in the fall, we would’ve had to hire someone anyway to accomodate his earlier dismissal.  So, instead of waiting until the fall, we’re hiring someone now.
We’ve always been big fans of daycare, so this was our first time hiring a babysitter.  I had no idea what questions to even ask.  Google to the rescue!  There were a million websites with all different questions and it gave us a good idea of what to ask.  I used this Nanny Interview Sheet for guidence.  We didn’t ask all of those questions (or the interview would’ve lasted hours), but asked more about topics and examples from past experiences.
So, with a babysitter in place, now I’m planning the transition phase.  I know it might take a while for my kids to get used to someone new, so for now I am planning on spending (at least) a week with our babysitter so she can become familiar with our routine and the boys can get used to her.

I’m really hoping this new arrangement works out.  Any advice for how to make the transition period a breeze?

Until next time,