Shabbos Menu Plan: P’ Eikev (Aug 10-11)

It’s been a hectic week to say the least, but I’m glad I finally made it to Friday.  I did a small shopping last night for some basics, but when I think about it, barely any of what I bought was for our Shabbos meals.  Yay for a stocked freezer!

Friday Night:

Shabbos Lunch:

In the past I’ve made the honey chicken on the skewer (read my tricks for cooking with honey), but it always took so much time to thread them!  This time I’m trying it without doing all that work.  Originally I was only going to make the chicken with the marinade and leave out the veggies, but we happened to have one small red pepper and two small onions waiting to be used up, which is perfect since I halved the recipe!  Funny how things work out sometimes.

What yummy food are you having this Shabbos?  Anything you can recommend for next week that freezes well?

Until next time,