My One-Handed Maternity Leave

It’s amazing how quickly I forgot about what life was like with a newborn.  DS2 wasn’t born all that long ago, but when DS3 came along, my first thought was, “wow, he’s soooo small!”  As time went on I realized there were a whole bunch of other things I forgot about too, like feedings every 3 hours, tons of diaper changes, and always being tired.

I had such great plans for what I’d accomplish on my maternity leave, I just totally forgot about the part that I’d have to do it one-handed with a baby always in my arms.  If you’re wondering how I’ve been spending my days here at home, here’s a brief summary:

  • Monday: Laundry.  Sometimes I fold it and put it away.  Sometimes I don’t.
  • TuesdayErrands.  I go to non-food stores for stuff I want/need in order to get out of the house and walk around.
  • WednesdayPlan Shabbos menu.  Sometimes I also make a shopping list.  Sometimes I only plan half the menu.
  • ThursdayShopping and cooking for Shabbos.  I really try to have everything done by the end of the day, so I don’t have to do it on Friday.
  • Friday:  In the morning I nap.  I have to.  It’s the only way I will survive a very lively Shabbos with all the kids home.  Then, in the afternoon I straighten up the house, set the table, and put the food in oven.

I know it doesn’t sound like I have a whole lot to do, but this little schedule is exhausting, because while I’m doing every task I’m feeding, changing and/or holding a baby.  Oh yeah… and I haven’t slept through the night since I don’t even remember when.

And yes, I do feel the need to justify this “light” schedule. It’s so far from what I’m used to that it makes me wonder how I ever got anything done when I was working full-time out of the house.  It also makes me wonder how I’ll get all this done when I do go back to work.  I’m trying not to think about that, but the thought does creep into my mind every now and then.

I now realize why this time off from work is called “leave” and not “awesome, super-long vacation.”  I love having our new son in our family, but it’s definitely not easy!

Until next time,