Quick Takes- July 5, 2013

– 1 –

This week DH is taking care of the Shabbos menu, so I decided to start a “quick takes” series.  Just a few things I want to write about, but can’t write a whole post about.  I found the idea on another blog I follow and thought it was a great way to just say what’s on my mind.  Let me know if you want to link up and make this a weekly thing with me!

– 2 –

As mentioned above, DH is planning Shabbos.  I have no idea what’s on the menu.  He has off today (isru chag July 4th?) so he is in charge of the shopping/cooking.  I on the other hand am working… trying to save up my days for the end of summer and Tishrei.

– 3 –

One of my favorite blog articles from this week was Letter from South Carolina: “Every Day Is Father’s Day” on Working Moms Break (a really great blog!). While I was reading it I kept yelling, “Welcome to my life!”

– 4 –

DS2 is not yet potty trained, but I’m trying to get him used to the idea.  We’re now at the stage where he actually goes to the bathroom to make in his diaper (it’s really cute!).  One step at a time…

– 5 –

We were all home yesterday, July 4th.  It was sooo hot, so we spent the entire morning in our backyard pool.  The kids just went straight from pajamas to bathing suits.  We had a picnic lunch (sandwiches on the grass) and we even put DS3 in the pool for a few minutes.

– 6 –

Between kids I always forget how fast babies grow.  DS3 just turned 6 months old and he’s already wearing size 6-9 mo.  I have to get my act together and put away all the smaller sized clothing, because right now a million baby clothes are flying all over the place!

– 7 –

The 9 days start next week so we’re getting our BBQing all in before then.  We had one for July 4th and will have another one on Sunday.  Since we won’t be able to eat all the leftovers, I plan on freezing them for a quick, mid-week dinner.  My freezer is emptying out, so I have to start planning my next freezer cooking day!

Have a good Shabbos!

Until next time,