Religion-Life Balance: Tisha B’av

I’ve been thinking a lot about next Tuesday, Tisha B’av.  The serious days on the Jewish calendar always pose a challenge for me. I find it hard to focus on the meaning of the day since I still have to take care of everything else that goes on in the house. I’m calling this religion-life balance. I totally wish I could dedicate the day to religion- hearing Eicha, saying Kinos, and attending shiurim, but I know that I also have to take care of my family. There is no possible way I can do both to the fullest extent at this point in my life. And I know Hashem knows that.

So, practically speaking, what will I do? I’ve already found some things online that I can do at my own leisure. Here are some ideas:

  • webcasts
  • JM in the AM archives– 9 days format lectures with Rabbi Berel Wein (super fascinating!)
  •– articles about relevant topics to 9 Days and Tisha B’av

I think these links will keep me busy throughout most of the day, but a part of me is still really nervous just thinking about it.  It will be (what seems like) the longest fast day ever. Combine that with waking up early and taking care of the kids all day… gosh- not something I’m looking forward to. All I see from here is one big ol’ headache.

Childcare for this day is also on my mind.  DS1 gets out of camp early on Monday and doesn’t have camp on Tuesday. Luckily the other two boys have daycare. Not really sure what I’ll do with DS1 on Tuesday… maybe bring him to the backup daycare at work? Not the perfect solution, but at least this way he’ll be occupied.

How do you balance religion and  life?

Until next time,