Plan a Cooking Day (Step 3): Order

This series is to help you make the most of your cooking day.
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Step 3 in this series is to put your recipes in the order you plan on making them. Remember these tips:

  1. Slow-cooker recipes and recipes with long cook times first, so they have time to cook
  2. Group recipes with same oven temperatures together, so cooking time can overlap.
  3. Group recipes with same appliances together (ex: make all my recipes that require the food processor or mixer at the same time, prepare all raw chicken together, etc…)
  4. Make sure the order of your recipes takes the pots/pans/bowls you have into account (If you only have one large pot, then don’t plan on making 3 huge pots of soup at the same time).
  5. If you need cooked ingredients (ex: rice or chicken) make sure they are cooked before you prepare the recipe

While doing this, you may have to add/remove recipes you initially included.

This is one of the hardest steps, but definitely worth the time you put in!

Stay tuned for the next step…

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