Shabbos Menu: P’ Vayishlach (Nov 15-16)

Shabbos Menu Plan

After last week’s busy Shabbos, I’m excited to have a quiet one this week.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

Friday night:

Shabbos lunch:

You may have noticed that there is potato kugel on my menu.

No, I didn’t make it.  I’ve told you about how I cannot make potato kugel, so my friend was nice enough to give me one of hers.  It looks delicious.  She swears up and down that it’s such an easy recipe to make, but honestly, the other recipes I’ve tried in the past were also supposed to be easy.  Maybe one day I’ll shadow her and see why hers comes out so good and mine flops each time.

It’s so disappointing that I can’t make a decent potato kugel.  My Bubby’s kugel is the best, so isn’t potato kugel making supposed to be in my genes?  Maybe it skips every two generations?

Do you make potato kugel?  What are your tips and tricks so it turns out golden delicious?

Until next time,