How We Got Rid of the Pacifier


Remember when I told you how much I miss my son’s pacifier and how hard it was for me to have him give it up?  Well, after less than two weeks of sleeping without a pacifier I’m glad to report that we’ve fallen back into our regular bedtime routine sans paci.

The process of getting rid of it was so hard… probably harder for me than for him.  But we did it.  I don’t have any secrets for how to wean a kid off of his/her beloved pacifier.  We just went cold turkey.  One night with a pacifier, the next night without one.

Oh yeah- we also bribed him.

elmoSlippersHe loves Elmo, so I kept these new Elmo slippers on top of his closet.  High enough to see every night, but not to wear.  After 10 nights without the pacifier, these babies were his!

Once DS2 slept without his pacifier for a few nights in a row I knew there was no going back.  I just kept telling myself that bedtime would get better and it did!  A few weeks later and we’re at the point where he doesn’t even ask about it anymore and laughs at the thought of me giving him a pacifier.

I never thought we’d get here.  It was hard work, but we kept strong and I’m glad we’ve crossed over to the other side.

Until next time,