How I Stopped Nursing

256px-Breastfeeding-icon-med.svgI probably should title this post something more like, “my baby doesn’t want to nurse anymore!” but I won’t do that.  DS3 is over a year old and he is no longer interested in nursing.  I’m lucky that he even nursed that long or rather, I’m amazed at how long I was able to nurse him for.

After my long post a few weeks ago about wondering whether or not I should stop nursing, DS3 decided for me.  His nursing sessions were getting shorter and shorter, which made me realize that he was just not that into me anymore.

Now that DS3 weened himself, how do I feel?

  • Motherly– I can’t believe I nursed for an entire year.  I feel quite accomplished as a mother.
  • Rested– ever since I stopped nursing, DS3 has been sleeping much longer hours and so have I (for the most part).  I really missed sleeping through the night!
  • Bittersweet– no more babies in this house.  My baby is growing up.  We even just got him his first pair of shoes the other day.

How did you feel when you stopped nursing your baby?

Until next time,