tAPPing Into Tech: New Baby Apps

Tapping into Tech is where I review my favorite apps and tell you why they are super awesome for working moms.

baby-appsWith my baby’s 1st birthday coming up, I wanted to share some apps that came in super handy at the time of his arrival.

Contraction Timer

When I started having contractions the night before DS3’s birth, DH told me to time them.  Contractions are somewhat painful and I just needed to focus on getting through them.  I didn’t want to have to start with writing down start time, end time and then have to also figure out how many minutes were in between.  I know it doesn’t sound hard to do, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do while I was in labor.  So, with my new smartphone in hand, I figured there had to be an app for that.  And there was!

When you search for “free contraction timer” there are so many apps that show up, I don’t even remember which one I used (I’ve since uninstalled it).

contractionTimerAnyway, what was important was that there was a huge “START” button and then a huge “STOP” button.  That was all I needed.  All I had to do was press each button at the right time and it kept track of all the times/duration for me.  This was a great reference when my doctor was asking me a million and one questions!  I actually knew the answers!


Baby Journal

feedBabyImmediately after DS3 was born I found the need for a new type of app.  I had to keep track of his feedings and all of his diaper changes.  The hospital provided a chart, but honestly… I didn’t always want to get up to fill it out.  I also didn’t want to sit and time the length of each feeding.

So, I found the Feed Baby Tracker app.  The free version was fine for me, because after the free trial was over, I wasn’t tracking anything anymore.  It was so easy to use and was great for nursing.  In the past I never remembered which “side” the baby at from last.  This app kept track of that for me.  The reporting feature in this app came in really handy at those first few doctor appointments!

feedBaby1Just like the contraction timer, there are a ton of free apps that track these things, including the free Similac Baby Journal app, which looks really cool, but was created too late for me to use.

So there you have it.  There really is an app for everything.

Until next time,