4 Toys That Keep My Kids Busy

I think we have a million toys in our house.  Really.  I think they reproduce when we’re sleeping.  Some toys are great and keep our kids busy.  Others eventually “go missing” into the garbage.  Here 4 toys that keep our kids super busy, whether it’s snowing, 6am, or a really long Shabbos:


  1. Lego
  2. Kitchen Set
  3. Train table and trains
  4. Magna-tiles

What are your go-to toys on a long rainy Shabbos day?

Until next time,

  • Yiska

    Clicks! I think theyre called connex in America….

    If we’re desperate we give her baby wipes cause she loves to clean things….

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  • Chani

    legos, trains and magnatiles are also my kids favorites. i love those classic good quality toys that actually keep kids occupied and creaitve. When my kids get gifts of “junky toys” i give them away as soon as they forget about it. another favorite is clics, we have them in america. knex are something different

    • I completely agree (and I do the same with the junky toys!)