Dismissal Mom-Guilt

I always have  a huge dose of mom-guilt when I pick up my kids from school/daycare.

Being able to send DS1 to yeshiva is such a blessing, but it also comes with many challenges.  He ends school at 4pm, so we have a babysitter pick him up.  There’s just no way I can work full time and be home by 4pm.  There’s also no way we’d be able to afford tuition if I didn’t work full time.  It’s a catch-22.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

Once the babysitter was picking up DS1 we decided it would be best if she also picked up the other kids from daycare.  This way everyone gets home at a decent time, eats dinner at a decent time and even takes a bath at a decent time.  All of this makes our lives more calm- knowing our kids are well taken care of is a huge relief.

Even though I know that this arrangement is what works best for our family right now, I still feel the mom-guilt.  It usually creeps in when our babysitter is unable to come and I have to do the school/daycare pickup.  It’s not because I don’t love doing it, but rather because I feel like it’s something I should always do.  When I get to their school and they see me, the smile on my kids faces is priceless.  But it’s also a huge pain point for me.

If only I could be there for them everyday- like a mother should be.  They definitely deserve it and I can’t stand it that I can’t give it to them.

What’s a working mother to do?  How do you deal with these mom-guilt feelings?

Until next time,