3 Foods I’m Loving

Today I worked from home and as I was heading upstairs to bed I decided that there were a few items I was really loving at the moment that I wanted to share with you.  These are things that make my life a little better… I think you’ll understand why after I explain it below.

1.  Peach-Mango Crystal Light

I love this stuff.

iced tea mix

On the days I work from home I make a pitcher of this, fill up my special purple cup, slip in a straw and I am set! This stuff tastes so good.  For some reason, this makes my work from home days so much better. Especially on hot summer days.

small pitcher

Since the recipe for one packet only calls for 2 quarts I bought myself a smaller pitcher form the Dollar Tree when I was last there.  (ok, iced tea from a package does not really require a recipe, it’s more like the instructions). This pitcher is truly worth a dollar (the top doesn’t twist easily at all), but I love it anyway.  And wow, I drank a lot of iced tea today!

2.  Trader Joe’s Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


I love all things that combine chocolate and peanut butter, so what can be wrong with these?  DH bought me some yesterday and they were delicious.  I would’ve taken my own picture, but unfortunately, we don’t have any left 🙁

3.  Mini Cucumbers

These are more expensive than regular cucumbers, but I buy them anyway.

baby cucumbers

These taste so good and because they are mini, my kids love them and actually eat them!  I bought them at the supermarket the other night and decided to buy 2 packs instead of my usual one pack.  Since we all like them, they don’t last very long in our fridge.

So, now that I’ve typed this up I realize that 2/3 items on my list are mini.  Who doesn’t love mini things??

What have you been liking lately?

Until next time,