My Month in Review: June 2015

Camp started!  Routine is back!  Well, sorta.  For some reason my kids have been going to bed super late, which isn’t good for our morning routing.  Being that it’s summer, I’m taking a break and taking things as they come.  I can’t get all uptight about small things.
personal_growthI’m not sure I did too much personal growth in June… I’m sure I did at some level, but nothing really big enough to share. I’ve been enjoying time with family and trying not to stress out about work. Hope to have something better for next month!

healthy_livingAfter I told you I was going to delete this section from my monthly reviews, something happened. I still felt yucky from a very fattening Shavuos and my firm started their annual “Step Up” challenge.  At first I wasn’t going to participate in the challenge, but at the last minute decided to sign up. Basically, every day you log in the number of steps you take. Then the firm contributes a certain percentage to charity based on the total number of steps everyone takes. The more steps, the more charity. I can’t be the person that says no to charity, so I signed up.

So the challenge and the post Shavuos weight I had gained turned into a god thing.  I finally learned how to use my tracking device. Seeing it on my arm every day encouraged me to get up. Seeing the fact that one day I sat for 4 hours straight majorly encouraged me to get up.

Once I was tracking my steps I decided to track my food as well by using MyFitnessPal app. This app syncs to the app of my tracker, so I can track my health in one place. Technology nowadays…

Anyway, I was pretty good about tracking my food for a few weeks then kinda fell off the bandwagon. Tracking my food made me avoid unnecessary snacking, which is what I really needed to get under control.

So, next month’s goal will be to start that up again. And as of yesterday I lost my tracker, so I either have to find it or decide whether or not to replace it. I guess we’ll see if it turns up in the meaningful spending section of July’s monthly review.

meaningful_spendingSpeaking of meaningful spending… we survived an entire week without camp/school. It wasn’t free, but turned out not to be expensive either. Some activities we did included trips to the library, the dollar store and a local sprinkler park. Of course I had to treat my kids to ice cream, but that was part of my meaningful spending. Ice cream always makes time together more special! (Don’t worry, I made sure to buy my kids ice cream I don’t like, so that I’m not tempted to eat it!)

How was your month? Are you glad camp started?  Do you have any vacation planned?

Until next time,