Why I Miss My Hornets Nest and What It Taught Me

A few weeks ago I found a hornets nest in the bush next to my house.

Mah rabu maasecha Hashem! This thing was fascinating! It’s amazing how in such a short amount of time these hornets were able to build a fully functioning hive. I had a hard time talking my eyes off of it.

The reason I did freak out a bit was because it was so close to our house.

Although it scared me a bit, I turned to Google to find out if it needed to be removed, how much removal would cost and whether or not we could do it ourselves.

I learned so many amazing things about hornets- they eat many small bugs around their nest, which controls the amount of bugs nearby.  They are also very protective of their nest and will sting when they feel it is in danger.  This is the part that scared me.

Our hornet nest was in a bush that regularly gets kicked with a ball and I didn’t want my kids to get stung, so we decided to have it removed. We hired an exterminator because the thought of DH getting stung was a good enough reason to spend $110 for removal.

Now that my hive is gone, I kinda miss it. There are soooo many more flies, mosquitoes and spiders in our yard than there were before. I think I’d almost rather have the hive. If I didn’t bother them, they didn’t bother me, while the mosquitoes always find their way to me and always make it unpleasant to be outside.


I’ve learned through my hive that every creature has a purpose. It then made me think about people I may dislike based on first impressions. I’m so quick to judge that “we will not be friends” when I should really be trying to get to know them.

Like my hornets, all people have a purpose too. Even though I may not see it at first, many of them do great things and I should probably be learning from them instead of avoiding them.

I’m really trying to see the good in everyone and everything and my hornets were there to get me started. Thank you to my hornets and I’m sorry we had to get rid of you.  Next time, build your nest in a better location.

Until next time,