Homework – Recap of The First Two Days

Our first night of homework was so painful. Probably more painful for me than for ds.

It was the Monday after Simchas Torah and it was almost as if the previous weeks of school didn’t count. Now that the chagim were over, school was in full swing.

This is our first time having a first grader. I went to back to school night so I kinda knew what to expect. I was dreading homework and for good reason. It turned out to be just as awful as I thought it would.

That first night of homework was a regular work day for me. I had been out of the house since 8am and returned at 7pm. The worst part was that I had to do more work from home later that night. I went into homework mode feeling tired and pressured which is probably how my son felt too.

By 7pm he was tired. It’s hard to do work you don’t particularly like when you’re tired and your brothers are playing with their toys.

Being that it was the first homework night, we pushed through it, desperate to start off on the right foot. He finally got through all the work he had to do and it was off to bed.

After he fell asleep I texted my husband, “Omg. Spelling homework is painful” and hoped it wouldn’t be like that every night.

Luckily, the next night of homework went better. I had worked from home, so we started earlier than we had the night before. Ds even did some of it on his own.

I know that every night will be different, but I just have to keep myself focused. I will try to be calm and patient, I will try to be encouraging and I will try to understand the challenges a first grader has.

If I can do that, then hopefully DS will also be more excited to do his work and we can get through homework time together.

Until next time,