Own Your Year-End Review – 3 Surefire Ways to Make it Great

Own Your Year-End Review: 3 Ways to Make it Great

It’s that time of year again!  The year is coming to a close and it’s time to have your year-end review. That dreaded meeting with only you and your boss. The one where your boss rates how you’ve performed for the past year and decides whether or not you deserve the bonus you want.

Don’t be nervous! If you’ve worked hard, then you need to show it! Here are three surefire ways to have a great year-end review.

1.  Write Everything

Your boss will not remember what you did 11 months ago, so make sure to mention EVERYTHING.  And by everything, I mean everything.  Don’t leave out any projects or accomplishments.  Write a self-assessment to address any additional value you added that were not part of your objectives.

2.  Be Specific

When writing your achievements, be specific. For example, don’t write “increased productivity.” Instead, list areas where you increased productivity and specify exactly how you did it.  Your goal should be to highlight where you add value to your team.

3.  Be Open to Constructive Criticism

Own up to any mistakes you’ve made and don’t get defensive. Instead, ask for ways you can improve and don’t take that advice lightly.  Note where you’ve fallen short and turn it into a growth opportunity for the following year. This will prove to your boss that you listened to his advice and took action on it.

Think Ahead

One extra piece of advice I’d like to offer is to think ahead.  Prepare questions that show you are interested in what’s going on with the future of your department. It shows you are dedicated to being a key member of the team and are excited about what you can contribute.

These are my little pieces of advice that have worked for me in the past.  What advice would you give in order to make the best of your year-end review?

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