Mom Guilt : Holiday Season Edition

go away mom guilt

“Mommy. On Christmas, if you sleep in your bed the whole night, then Santa will come. Miss Carol told me that.”

Direct quote from my almost 3 year old. He’s such a yummy kid that I couldn’t help but laugh.

There aren’t many daycare options with good (aka long) hours available for working parents, so the daycare we send to is not Jewish. For the most part this has been ok. Half of DS3’s class is frum, so he’s not the odd one out. But every year at this time I question our decision to send him there.

I know that logically, it’s the right one. But then all the mom guilt comes flooding in as soon as I hear things about Santa and jingle bells.

Everyone has to make the choices that work best for them. Is there really a difference between a non-Jewish daycare and a non-Jewish babysitter in the home? Probably not. So, this year, I’m trying not to doubt my decision. Go away mom guilt!

The way I see it is that Christmas is all around us. My older kids see overly decorated homes every day. They understand that there are all different types of people who celebrate different holidays. They don’t feel jealousy or resentment, because this is just how things are.

And DS3 will also learn these lessons. He is already familiar with many Jewish customs we have and has many years ahead of himself in Yeshiva.  Just tonight he heard it raining outside and told me that Hashem wanted it to rain.

As long as I am making an effort to show my little one the beauty in our lives, he will be ok.  By the time this holiday season ends, I doubt he will even notice that Santa didn’t come to his house.

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Until next time,