Succos 2016 Menu Planners (Evernote Template and Printable)


I love fall. And I especially love when the chagim are celebrated during this time of year. The hot weather is gone and it’s still nice enough to be outside. I’m taking off from work so I can be with my family and I have already started counting down the days until my time off!

One thing DH always makes during this season is pumpkin pie. Even though it doesn’t have chocolate in it, I still enjoy it… and so do my kids! I recently came across this post with a round up of pumpkin recipes. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make something new this Yom tov.

I didn’t start writing this post to discuss fall and pumpkins.  Today I’m really here to give you the Succos Menu Planners I’ve prepared for you. I’ve received such great feedback on the Rosh Hashana planners and I’m glad you found them useful.

When making planners I never know what people prefer. Do you want to fit it all on one page or have 2 pages with larger boxes to write in? Let me know your preferences so we can make these planners even better! You can either leave a comment below or email me and I’ll do my best!

Again, there are two versions of these planners – the digital Evernote template and the pretty printable version. Each version has 2 links- one for the first days and another for Shabbos Chol HaMoed and Simchas Torah.

1. Evernote Template Menu Planner

If you haven’t used my Evernote templates before, you have been missing out!  I finally found an easy way to digitally menu plan- and it’s free too!

5 reasons why Evernote menu planning is great:

  1. You can access it from anywhere- phone, computer, home, work, etc…
  2. Easy to share, email and collaborate with others
  3. One place to view menu, shopping list, to do list
  4. Printable
  5. Easy to mark items complete with check boxes
  6. Link to recipes already saved in your Evernote account within your menu plan

To use the Evernote template, click on each of the links below, then click “View in Evernote” in the top right corner and you’re ready to use the template and customize it for your own needs.  A copy will be saved to your Evernote account, so don’t worry about anyone else seeing it – unless you share it with them.  The boxes will expand as you type in them.  It’s really that easy!

2. Printable Menu Planner

I know some people still prefer the always reliable pen and paper method of menu planning, so I also created a pretty printable for you to use if the digital template is not for you.


Wishing you all a wonderful Succos!

Until next time,