Our 3-Day Kosher Juice Cleanse

I cannot believe I lived through this one to tell you about it.  DH and I did a 3-day kosher juice cleanse.


DH found a Groupon for Juice From the Raw and took advantage of it. I’ve always wanted to try something like this… the thought of being cleansed and re-energized is something I’ve always wanted, but never would have sought out on my own.

So, we spent a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday drinking juice. No food other than a bit of raw veggies each day to add to our salt intake.


The verdict?

The first day was pretty hard. I’m a pretty good faster and this was easier than fasting, but by the end of the day I wanted a hot meal.

While the juices weren’t all bad, the pineapple was my favorite and the green ones were my least favorite. By the third day I had worked myself into a routine, so it wasn’t nearly as hard as the first day.

Did I feel re-energized?

By the end of the third day I didn’t really feel much different than when I started. I was glad to see that I was able to control myself and do this cleanse. I didn’t cheat even once! That was a huge surprise to me, especially since I do love to eat. But, as I referenced above, the hardest part was not being able to eat hot foods.

Even though I didn’t really lose any weight from this cleanse, I have been working really hard on controlling what I eat since we ended the cleanse. So that is definitely a good thing!

Would I do it again?

Short answer is probably not. It was quite expensive and didn’t exactly give me the results I was seeking. But, that being said, if DH wanted to do it again I would probably do it with him. I think the reason I was really able to stick with this cleanse was because we were doing it together.

Have you tried a juice cleanse? Would you?

Until next time,