My Summer 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe: Easy and Comfortable


This summer my minimalist wardrobe/work uniform was a huge success!


I realized that I really have 2 types of clothes… the ones I wear for work/Shabbos and the clothes I wear on Sundays and days I work from home. All of these clothes made up my summer wardrobe.

I do not like the heat (at all) and have a long, hot, stuffy commute every day, so there are two main themes you will see in my summer wardrobe:

  1. All items (except for 2 skirts) are machine washable
  2. All items are very comfortable

The Items

Although I work in a corporate environment, I do not wear stuffy suits. I just can’t. I literally spend my day at a computer, don’t meet with clients and barely have in-person meetings with management. That’s just the way it is and I’m grateful that most of my meetings are video-less conference calls.

That being said, the wardrobe below was perfect for the hot summer weather we had. I probably will not be able to use most items next year, but that’s what I expected. I personally prefer to spend less on each item and replace it. Especially since I’m still learning more about what styles and colors look good on me.
My summer wardrobe included:

4 short pencil skirts (same as winter)
2 long maxi dresses
4 long skirts (1 denim, 1 black, 2 striped maxi)
2 vests
8 tops
Shells, stockings, accessories…

Total:  20 items

Each item was worn again and again… the ones that I had leftover from the previous year that weren’t worn are leaving my closet… how’s that for maintaining my minimalist wardrobe?

Why I’m Loving It

This whole process has been such a learning experience for me:

  1. I can live with fewer clothes in my wardrobe
  2. I can feel good in what I wear
  3. It is easier to have a work uniform

And now I’m onto planning my winter wardrobe. I need to replace some skirts, add a sweater and maybe some more tops, but I’m in no rush. I plan on only buying what looks good on me, makes me feel good and fits my lifestyle.

Do you also plan your wardrobe? What items always make it into the final cut? What clothing items can’t you live without?

Until next time,