3 Things I Love – Tacos, Shoes and Aquaphor

There is one more week of school, which means summer is almost here!  With the new season we’ve been trying some new things around here and loving them!

(1) Tacos – A New Family Dinner

I know  a lot of people out there do Taco Tuesday for dinner, but we have noodles and salmon on Tuesdays- it’s what works for us.  Since we have some picky eaters in our family we were reluctant to try something new, but one Sunday night, DH prepared a new dinner and the kids loved it!

So, now when we’re in the mood we have tacos for dinner and there haven’t been any complaints.  There was a bit of a learning curve when it came to how everyone likes their tacos served.  Some like everything on it, others need it to be deconstructed.  As long as they eat it, I really don’t care!

For those who are curious, I brown ground turkey and add Ortega taco seasoning.  We buy the flat tacos and serve along with rice, black beans, cut up tomatoes and cucumbers, lettuce and taco sauce.  Super easy, not too fattening and something I can prepare in advance if I need to.

(2) Easy Spirit Dellina Wedge

I bought these shoes on sale when the weather was still cold outside.  I wasn’t sure about the color, but they were so comfortable I just couldn’t send them back.  Now that it’s spring I’ve noticed that even though the color description says they are green, the color is so faint that they look great with my grey skirt!

(3) Aquaphor

This winter my lips were super dry and I was looking for something that works!  I read many reviews online about Aquaphor stating how great it was, so I decided to try it.  Seriously- this is the best stuff ever.  I use it mostly on my lips and hands.  I bought a pack of two small ones and keep one at home and the other in my work bag.  Now that winter’s over, I’m still using it all the time.  Love it!

What have you been loving lately?

Until next time,