Why and How I’m Using My Paper Planner + My New Shop!!

jewish planner

Guys, after much trial and error, I opened up a shop on my website!  I’m super excited about it, although in truth, I was supposed to launch everything over a month ago and was also supposed to do more promotion.  Well, this full-time working mom just did not have time…

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Finances, Food and Clothing – Preparing for the Yom Tov Season

This is the first year we will be staying home for Rosh Hashana.  Can you believe it?  After almost 10 years, we’ve decided it was high time we make it on our own. While I’m not nervous about the actual days of Yom Tov, I do get nervous about all…

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Self-Serve Breakfast: One Way to Empower Your Children

I was literally running a marathon every morning! I would wake up, get my kids dressed, run downstairs to give them breakfast, run back upstairs to get dressed, then back down to get everyone ready to leave the house. Sometimes I would be running up and down multiple times until…

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