Some Like it Hot

spice-classics-chili-powder-69583Learn from my mistakes.  Read the label.  If it is in a red container and is on the top shelf, it doesn’t mean you always use it.

Here’s what happened:  I was preparing my roasted potatoes for Shabbos and remembered that DH had previously put paprika on his potatoes to give them a nice color.  I wanted mine to look nice too, so I reached on the top shelf of our spice drawer and pulled out the red container.  When looking at the top shelf of the spice drawer all I could see was the top of the spices, so I grabbed the red one.

I ALWAYS use paprika, so of course it would be on the top shelf… or so I thought.  I was all done sprinkling my “paprika” and mixing my potatoes (they have a really nice red color, by the way), when DH began to reach for the “paprika” and said something like, “oh, that’s not the paprika.”  Well, hearing that made me jump.  What do you mean that’s not paprika?  Turns out the label said chili powder.

We’re gonna have one spicy Shabbos!

Edited for update:  turns out that the potatoes weren’t spicy at all.  Apparently chili powder isn’t super spicy.  Good thing I didn’t use cayenne pepper.  DH said that if I did, we wouldn’t have been able to eat them.

Until next time,