Shabbos Menu Planning With a Sudden Burst of Energy

Meal planning for this week’s Shabbos took me forever! We aren’t even having any guests! I think the reason it took so long is because I (desperately) need to re-stock my freezer. I see another cooking day on the way… Maybe I’ll take off a day next week, since it’s the end of the year and I have one more personal day to use. But more importantly, my family needs to eat! Our freezer choices have dwindled and I just don’t have time to cook an entire Shabbos.

Last night I unexpectedly had a burst of energy while DH was grocery shopping and made two fresh kugels. I found some frozen veggies in my freezer- broccoli and butternut squash- in case you were wondering… and had the rest of the ingredients on hand. I think I previously bought the veggies because I planned on making kugels a few weeks ago and never got around to it… story of my life. So, now we don’t have to buy store-made kugels.
I also found a recipe for chicken and wild rice – all made in one pan (if it’s good, I’ll include it in a future KOAMC plan), so that’ll be good for Shabbos lunch, along with some baked sweet potatoes. I think dessert will have to be store bought, unless I get my act together tonight and bake something simple, like brownies. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to try the low-fat brownie recipe I printed out months ago. It’s been sitting in my bag and is all crumpled up by now, but it’s still legible. I want to lose weight, but don’t think I can survive without dessert on Shabbos (so many conflicts in life). Back to Friday night dinner- I found the last package of Meal Mart stuffed cabbage we had (a great Costco find) and think I’ll make some plain rice to go along with it.
A lot of rice this Shabbos. That’s just the way it’s gonna have to be… Could be worse, right? So here’s a recap of what we’re having:
Friday Night:
Shabbos Lunch:

You might be wondering- why am I sharing all this with you? Well, I’m hoping you can commiserate with me, since I feel like I just slopped this menu together. The only recipes I even consider making are super simple. Oh how I wish for homemade challah… I really hate that I don’t have time to make a nice Shabbos for my family and everything is done so last minute.

So, to make myself feel better, I just think to myself, “I can’t possibly be the only one that feels this way!” Misery loves company, doesn’t it?

Until next time,