The Upcoming (very long) Three-Day Shavuos

How does a full-time working mom make a three-day yom tov?

I have no idea.  Last minute I decided that it would be too hard, so we’re going away.  Luckily we have that option. I wasn’t worried about making the food. The menu I came up with was fairly simple and included easy dishes like salmon with mango salsa, frozen blintzes, baked ziti and chicken with rice. Nothing to write home about, but not bad either. What worried me the most was being home with both kids for three.days.straight. Although DH is super helpful, I would still be alone every morning and every evening while he was at Shul. And what I was most worried about was what on earth were we going to do each day?? The days are so long and I couldn’t come up with enough activities to keep two active toddlers busy with for that long.

So, why is going away better?  Shavuos will still be three very long days!

I know and I’ve thought about that too. I think I prefer going away because then at least while DH is in Shul I won’t be alone. I will have a second set of hands around to help me out and distract the little ones and I honestly don’t think I’ll get bored as quickly. To some it may sound like a cop-out. Too hard, so I just go away. I felt like that too. I guess in the end I prefer being with family and friends for the duration of the three days than to be at home alone without any help.

I do however, still feel the need to justify my decision. Many of my friends and neighbors will be staying home because they don’t have the option of going away. Or they don’t want to go away. Whatever the reason, part of me feels guilty that I’m “taking the easy way out.” But then I rationalize that thought and ask myself why preparing yom tov has to be hard. Why can’t I enjoy the simplicity in printing out my packing list (same one from Pesach) and going away?

So, in the end, my voice of reason wins. Simplicity it is! Time to start packing!

Until next time,