A Very "Memorial" Shavuos

This past weekend was long! I feel guilty, but I was somewhat dreading the whole thing wondering how on earth we’d survive three very long three days with no YouTube, no car rides and no breaks. Just the thought of staying in the same place for that long made my head spin.

It was a tough three days, but we did it! We survived and we actually enjoyed it.  We just took one day at a time, tried to make the most of every minute together and didn’t sweat the small stuff. We took walks, went to the park and played with soooo many different toys.  Each night, as I crawled into bed, I said to myself proudly, “We made it through another day!”

The company we were with throughout yom tov was wonderful.  Having an extra pair of hands around was a big help and always having another adult to talk to was a huge bonus.  Of course we all made sure to bring along enough reading material “just in case” but in the end I couldn’t believe that it took me an entire three days to read through my one magazine.  That definitely says something about my lack of boredom!

Now starts the hard part- getting back into the swing of things.  After three days off all my co-workers look so relaxed and rested, while I can barely keep my head up.  It’s funny how different my weekends are from theirs!  I have to go home and face a houseful of dirty laundry and unpacked suitcases.  At times like these I really wish I worked with someone who could commiserate!

Until next time,