Household Shortcuts… Confession Time!

I recently had lunch with my co-worker, V, and thought it was so funny how much we had in common as full-time working women. V doesn’t have kids and is of a different religion, but the limited amount of free time she had was something I could totally relate to. We didn’t have much practical advice for each other, but felt comfort in the fact that we weren’t alone.

We mainly spoke about our shortcuts with laundry, cleaning, and cooking.  I couldn’t believe I wasn’t the only one who didn’t sort socks!

So, confession time! Here are the shortcuts I choose to take.  They make my life a million times easier!

  1. I don’t fold my laundry (although, I am trying to work on this)
  2. I have a cleaning service
  3. I don’t really cook (I have to get back into KOAMC… having a bare freezer is killing me!).

One of V’s shortcuts included putting dirty laundry straight into the washing machine.  I loved this idea, but not practical for me, since my washing machine is all the way in the basement.  Super great for her, since she lives in a small space and saves room on a hamper.

What shortcuts do you take?  (I can always use more, lol)

Until next time,