Yes-Fold Laundry System: For Those Who Need to Fold

yes-fold laundry system
Have I ever told you about my sister? She has 2 sons, works full time and unlike me, she is a balabusta.

She starts work in the wee early hours and leaves her husband to get her 2 boys dressed and off to school. When she told me this I was amazed at her husband’s ability. But then she told me one of her secrets.

She has a bin system in her kids closet. As she puts away their laundry she makes outfits and puts each outfit into another compartment. This way her husband can easily get the kids dressed and out the door.

yes-fold laundry system closet

For the past few weeks I begged her to take pictures for my blog. I wanted to share this idea with you. For those of you who need to fold laundry, this might be a good option for you to keep things simple in the morning. And for those of you who don’t like to fold laundry, you can use my no-fold system.

There’s always something for everyone!

Until next time,