Part 1: Superstorm Sandy- How We Prepared

As you may have heard, last week the east coast got hit by a huge storm named Sandy.  I usually don’t believe the weathermen when they predict these types of storms and just assume they are exaggerating, but in this case, I started getting scared since everyone around me was going crazy.  Good thing we prepared!  A few of the things we did included:
  • Picked up everything from the basement floor in case of flooding
  • Bought water and filled up all water pitchers
  • Found flashlights and bought extra batteries
  • Filled our cars with gas
  • Bought non-perishable food, such as pasta, oatmeal, and cereal
  • Did all the laundry
  • Stuffed my freezer with ice packs (people said to do this in case of power loss, the food will stay colder longer)
  • Charged our phones and laptops

We were BH very lucky that we didn’t lose power, but there were times on Sunday night I definitely thought we would.  I’m glad I did all of the above, since some of it really paid off!  Ok, we didn’t need all the water I bought, but I’m so glad we have gas in our cars so we don’t have to wait in 2 hour lines to fill up!

Lesson learned- never underestimate the weatherman… sometimes he’s right!

Until next time,