Back to Work

Well, looks like my time as a work from home mom is over. It’s depressing and sad in so many ways and I really don’t even like talking about it, because of how sad it makes me. I knew that working from home would only be temporary, but when I found out I had to go back into the office, I just cried. I don’t know why after only a few short weeks I thought this arrangement would last forever. I guess I started getting way too comfortable!

So, now it’s my second day back in the office and I’m not happy about it. We are in a temporary location and there are no cups and there’s no water for the water cooler. I don’t have any of my stuff with me and I’m not even sitting with the rest of my department. Not fun 🙁 But I guess I don’t really have much of a choice right now. At least I still work from home on Fridays, which is awesome now that Shabbos starts so early.

I know I really shouldn’t complain, because most people I know didn’t get to work from home like I did, but the truth is that I really enjoyed it. My life was simpler and more relaxing. I didn’t have to rush to get out of the house in the morning and I didn’t even have to plan what my kids were having for dinner the night before. I did everything when I needed to.

Ok, so enough complaining for now. I’m gonna try to concentrate on the things I’m grateful for, like an awesome afternoon babysitter to pick up my kids everyday, a super helpful husband and a stocked freezer 😉

Until next time,