I Love Mondays: A Book Review

All working moms love their kids, but many of us also like our jobs and choose to work outside of the home. The work-life balance that defines our lives teaches us how to be more organized, plan in advance and set a routine. Some may even say it makes us better parents. All of this balancing enables us to become accomplished, successful women both inside and outside of the home.

When I was asked to write review on a book called I Love Mondays I secretly giggled. I don’t read too many books on the topic of work-life balance, but with a title like that I couldn’t refuse.

What is this book about?

In I Love Mondays: And Other Confessions from Devoted Working Moms (Seal Press, November 2012) Michelle Cove explores the 11 biggest concerns that face working moms. Each chapter offers real-life stories, practical solutions and a healthy dose encouragement for moms who are finding it hard to balance it all.

Who is this book intended for?

Working moms will definitely appreciate this book the most. When I first received the book I was on maternity leave and had a hard time relating to all of the working-mom issues it was about. All that changed the minute I returned to work. All of a sudden I was nodding my head as I read each passage. I was now the mother in the book doing the “school drop-and-dash” and the one who prayed her kids didn’t get sick because she couldn’t miss a work deadline. If that sounds like you, then this book is for you!

What did I like about this book?

I thought this book really hit the nail on the head with the topics that were chosen. Each topic can easily apply to women working in different fields and women in different stages of their careers. Some topics applied more to having older kids, so as a mom with young kids, it gave me something to look forward to (insert sarcastic grin here).

Just like most working moms I know, this book was well organized, making it super easy to read. I loved that I didn’t have to read the book in succession and could just choose the topics that spoke to me the most. It also allowed me to read at my leisure- which is probably why it took me 6 months to write this review!

What disappointed me?

I wish this book was more funny than practical. The advice was great, but I think from the humor in the title, I expected it to be more witty and laugh-out-loud funny than it was.

In conclusion…

This was a great book for the full-time working mom. After reading it I feel armed with practical parenting advice and the comfort of knowing that I am not alone in trying to find the perfect balance between home and work.

*I received a free copy of this book from A Jewish Homeschool Blog in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.
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