Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: Book Review

survivalModeReviewThere are times when I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t know how to move forward.  I tell myself to only do the things I absolutely need to and to not worry about the rest.  Unfortunately this happens more often than I would like, so I was super happy when I was chosen to be part of the launch team for Crystal Paine’s ( new book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.

What is this book about?

The official book description:

In Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, you’ll find both practical ideas and big-picture perspective that will inspire you to live life on purpose. As a wife, mother of three, and founder of the wildly successful blog, Crystal Paine has walked the road from barely surviving to living with intention. With the warmth and candor of a dear friend, she shares what she’s learned along the way, helping you:

  • feel healthier and more energetic by setting priorities and boundaries
  • eliminate stress with savvy management of your time, money, and home
  • get more done by setting realistic goals and embracing discipline
  • rediscover your passions—and the confidence to pursue them

Packed with straightforward solutions you’ll use today and inspirational stories you’ll remember for years, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode is a must for any woman who’s ever longed for the freedom to enjoy life, not just survive it.

Who is this book intended for?

Any busy woman who wants to learn, “9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life” will appreciate this book.  Doesn’t that describe most people you know??  Too bad Chanuka is over… but why wait until next year?  It also makes a great birthday gift, baby gift and life-changing event gift (if there is such a thing).  It’s the perfect all-year-around gift!

What did I like/dislike about this book?

This book had a huge calming effect on me.  I would read a little every night before I went to bed and would go to sleep thinking about how awesome the next day would be.

Although many of the tips I read were things I already knew or thought were just plain common sense, I can see how others who are either not naturally organized or are going through a hard time in their lives would need the “common sense” tips and encouragement that was included.

Aside from just giving tips on surviving, this book gave a huge amount of reassurance that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.  I finished reading the book on a total high; it gave me the encouragement I needed to reach beyond what I perceived as my limitations.

I do want to mention that Crystal is a devout Christian and does occasionally make biblical references.  I was ok with this, since I just applied her thoughts about G-d to my thoughts about Hashem and how He is ultimately in charge.  I found it easy to just skip over the parts that referenced the New Testament and thought that overall, the book was still a worthwhile read!

Overall, I really loved the theme in this book, which was that life is full of challenges and to stay calm, just take it one small step at a time.  Being too tired and taking on too much will just overwhelm you in the end.  No one changes overnight, but if you continuously take on the suggestions in the book your life will be calmer, more peaceful and ultimately much happier.

What was my favorite part of the book?

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the book was Chapter 8:  Yes, You Can Make a Difference.  It was an inspirational 24-page read about how everyone can make this world a better place.  The stories that were shared were nothing short of amazing.  You really have to read it!

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Next Steps…

So, the book doesn’t just end.  It helps you make changes to your life to get out of “suvival mode.”  It doesn’t leave you hanging.  There are print-outs for menu planning, to-do lists and goals.  There is also a challenge called “Seven Habits That Will Change Your Life.”  Crystal suggests that you work on one new habit every week.  If that seems overwhelming, you can go at your own pace.

One more awesome resource I wanted to mention was that the website has a free sign-up for a 7-day challenge.  Sign up and you’ll get a new tip every day for 7 days.  It’s another great way to make small changes that will make your busy life easier and happier.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.
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Join me for a challenge! is a wonderful resource for helping you create a better life for yourself.  This year I’m participating in the 12 Months to a Healthier You challenge.  It’s just the push I needed to start living a little healthier.

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