Quick Takes- October 1, 2013 (Post Yom Tov)


After almost an entire month of holidays I am glad that we can finally return to our routine!!  Oh routine… how I’ve missed you!


Don’t get me wrong.  I loved the holidays and spending time with my family, but at the same time it was exhausting!  DH and I were both lucky enough to take off for the entire Succos, so we had some R&R, but we went away for every.single.yom tov.  I feel like I’ve packed and repacked just about a million times.


Now that I’ve returned to work and the kiddoes are back at school I have about 4 laundry baskets of clean laundry that need to be folded and put away.  I always find this time of year, with the seasons changing, hard- the kids are going back and forth between summer and winter clothes, so there are double the amount of pants and shirts flying around.  Plus we took out the sweaters.  You don’t want to see what’s going on in our house!


I still can’t believe that the holidays have come and gone.  I haven’t missed much at work, other than my office is relocating again.  We don’t have a date yet, so I’m hoping it takes as long as it possibly could.


I still plan on moving my site to WordPress.  I just need DH to find the time to do it.


How was your holiday season??


Until next time,