Shabbos Menu: P’ Shemos (Dec 20-21)


As of late Thursday afternoon I still had no idea what I was making.  I  bought chicken and meat earlier in the week and left it in the fridge in case I wanted to use it for Shabbos.  We are using it for Shabbos.   Thursday afternoon I still hadn’t defrosted anything else, so we are having our meals based around the chicken and meat in the fridge.

I usually don’t plan my menu this late, but we’ve had a busy week (who hasn’t?) and I just didn’t feel like planning it.  Didn’t last Shabbos just end?

Friday night:

Shabbos lunch:

I really hope this is enough food for all of us.  I might have to add some things in, but what?  I really want to try and eat healthy, so I guess we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll buy some deli for the kids, since I’m not sure they’ll eat any of the proteins on this menu.

Gosh, why does menu planning have to be so hard sometimes?

Until next time,

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