DIY: Hadlakas Neiros Tefila

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a glass statuette with the tefilla a woman says after hadlakas neiros (candle lighting).  It was something I used every week and adorned the small spot on our buffet next to my candlesticks.

Well, after having 3 rambunctious boys, said gift fell on the floor and shattered into many pieces.  Too many to glue back together.  I looked into buying another hadlakas neiros tefila frame, but the ones I really loved most were priced a bit too high for my budget.  So, instead I just used a bentcher.

Then one day it clicked.  I could make my own hadlakas neiros tefila frame to have next to my candlesticks.

Like most Jewish families, we have a ton of bentchers.  My DH likes to take at least one from every simcha we attend, so our collection is quite large.


To make my own, all I did was find a picture frame I liked and sift through our bentcher collection.  I turned to the first page of each bentcher to find one with hadlakas neiros in a layout that I liked.  I wanted all the brachos and the tefila to be on the same page.  I also had to make sure the bentcher was shaped to fit into my picture frame. (I figured that no one would miss the first page of a bentcher…)

Then I assembled and now I have a beautiful (and frugal) hadlakas neiros tefila to use every week.

20140110_133939What do you think?

Until next time,