Happy End of Chanuka!


Can you believe it’s the last day of Chanuka already??

As a working mom, I loved that Chanuka fell out the same time as Thanksgiving… because that means that DS1 had Chanuka vacation when we had off from work.  We didn’t have to take off any extra days!

And, I’m just wondering, but what do people do when they take off for Chanuka vacation?  Is there a ‘thing’?

If I had to take off, I’d probably just complain about the fact that I had to use another vacation day for a day that there was no reason to have off from school.  I would then proceed to do all the things I usually never get to during a regular work week.  Yay for folded laundry!

I hope you all had a great Chanuka!  Enjoy the last few hours!

Until next time,