12 Months to a Healthier You: March 2014

12 Months to a Healthier You is a monthly challenge I’ve decided to take on. By taking on small challenges every month I’m hoping to make lifelong changes in the way I live.

Wow, another month has already passed!  Hard to believe time is going by so quickly.  I really hope that I can focus on eating healthier around Purim time!  Luckily I won’t have to cut back on sugar until next month ;).

As a reminder, here are this year’s focus areas:

12 Months to a Healthier You

Focus Areas for 2014

January: Exercise Regularly
February: Eat More Fresh Fruits & Veggies
March: Drink More Water
April: Cut Back on Sugar
May: Get More Rest
June: Create a Morning Routine
July: Read More
August: Go to Bed Earlier
September: Declutter Your Home
October: Cut Back on Caffeine
November: Keep a Gratitude Journal
December: Simplify & Say No

January Review: Exercise Regularly

Although I haven’t gone on the eliptical at all and I haven’t done my planks (sorry to let you all down), I have been walking a ton more than I used to.  It’s about the only positive thing to come out of my longer commute.  As the weather gets warmer I hope to walk even more!

February Review: Eat More Fresh Fruits and Veggies

I’ve been doing better with this one than I thought!  I’ve been bringing at least 2-3  salads for lunch a week.  I try to bring at least 1-2 fresh fruits to work with me and I started roasting more veggies.  This is something I definitely want to continue doing.

March Goal: Drink More Water

I suppose I’ve already begun doing this one… but I really should be drinking even more water.  My plan is to buy a water bottle for work and to drink it!  I want to cut out some of the soda/iced tea I drink and hope that by drinking more water I can save some $$ too.

How do you make sure you drink enough water daily?  Any tips you can offer me?

Until next time,

  • Yiska

    Yes, absolutely I can offer you tips! You have touched on a subject close to my heart.

    1) Carry a BIG water bottle with you (I take 1.5 liters) always. ALWAYS. The only purpose for 500 ml or less water bottles (sorry I don’t know the oz) is if you need one in a small bag (in addition to your big one, of course) and you absolutely cannot carry anything bigger.

    2) Fill it to a decent level before you go anywhere. This will ensure that 1) you always have enough to drink 2) you will get annoyed with it being heavy and realize that the only way to get rid of it is by drinking. Unless you don’t mind being seen watering plants in public offices from your water bottle.

    3) HUGELY EFFECTIVE for mothers and other busy people: Plant water bottles all over your house, car, office, wherever. That way, if you’re playing with the kids, nursing the baby, cooking, in the middle of a project, in bed in the middle of the night, whatever, you’ll always have one right there. When you go to the kitchen, take whatever is nearby and fill it. This I think is the single most effective method for me to keep drinking.

    4) If you ever have a headache, blame it on dehydration and start drinking until you can’t drink any more. You will probably feel better fairly soon. Be happy about the extra Asher Yatzars this is giving you.

    B’Hatzlacha and bigbig Yasher Koach on all your efforts! And thanks btw for the frequent posts – I look forward to them at the end of the day 🙂

    • wow! Super helpful tips! It’s like you read my mind because I have been having a lot of headaches lately, so I will really try and take all of your advice 🙂

  • Yiska

    P.S. The soda/iced tea is acting as a diuretic and you’re losing water!