12 Months to a Healthier You: April 2014

12 Months to a Healthier You is a monthly challenge I’ve decided to take on. By taking on small challenges every month I’m hoping to make lifelong changes in the way I live.

I love that I took this challenge on, but honestly, I had no idea it would be so hard! Each month’s challenge sounded so doable, but the hardest part is remembering to keep doing it.

Just because this challenge is hard doesn’t mean I’m giving up!  So, here we go!

As a reminder, here are this year’s focus areas:

12 Months to a Healthier You

Focus Areas for 2014

January: Exercise Regularly
February: Eat More Fresh Fruits & Veggies
March: Drink More Water
April: Cut Back on Sugar
May: Get More Rest
June: Create a Morning Routine
July: Read More
August: Go to Bed Earlier
September: Declutter Your Home
October: Cut Back on Caffeine
November: Keep a Gratitude Journal
December: Simplify & Say No

April Goal:  Cut Back on Sugar

Ok- this one is one of the hardest challenges there is.  Not sure how I’m going to do it, but I think I’ll start small.  I’m going to try to not buy any snacks from the candy machine at work.  Not only will it save me money, but I’m hoping that it will force me to choose snacks more wisely.  If there’s a banana on my desk, there should be no need to buy M&Ms.  Right?

Past Months In Review

March: Drink More Water-  While I never bought myself a nice water bottle for work, I have tried to replace all of my other drink choices (ex: Snapple, soda, etc…) with good old H2O.  I really have to continue working on this one!

February: Eat More Fresh Fruits & Veggies-  I’ve been bringing more fruit to work, roasting more veggies and try to make veggie stir fry for dinner at least once a week.

January: Exercise Regularly-  So, I haven’t been on the eliptical and haven’t done any planks, but I’ve been walking a whole lot more than I used to!  I give credit to my horrible commute for this one.

So, as you can see, these challenges have been exactly that- challenges!  I’m not giving up!!

Until next time,