A Very Jewish Summer: Havdalah Candles and a Shabbat Picnic

Wow, I feel like A Very Jewish Summer started without me.  You see, my blogging is mostly done during the week, at night.  Almost never on the weekends.  Weekends are reserved for my family and I really try very hard not to log into my computer.  It just throws everyone off and creates a lot of arguments among children who really love using electronics and a mom who wants to limit their use.

So, apologies for not posting yesterday- when Rita from DesignMegillah.com kicked off the event with her post on Summertime Havdalah Candles.


Even a non-crafty person like me can make these!  And speaking as someone in desperate need of a new havdalah candle- they are beautiful!  Much nicer than the inexpensive blue and white ones I buy…

For today’s A Very Jewish Summer’s post head on over to ChaiandHome.com where Dena (the amazing organizer of this event) shares her post on a Shabbat Picnic Lunch.


If you haven’t read these 2 blogs before, now is the time to start!

Until next time,