Paperless Kitchen Counter

Last month’s challenge was to de-clutter your home.  Well, I didn’t de-clutter my entire home- I think that’s a given… no surprise there.  Who has the time to do that?  But, I figured that I’d share how I keep my kitchen counter neat… in fact, it’s paperless!


You see, our refrigerator is not magnetic, so all the papers that would normally hang on a fridge were crowding our counter tops.  We also couldn’t find important papers and our piles kept growing.

The process all started when I realized we had one of these art portfolios that wasn’t being used:

art portfolio

I decided that this small book would store all of my “kitchen papers” and it was so thin it stacked nicely to the side of our knives.


The whole thing took a few seconds to put together and makes our kitchen look so neat!  I can also find a lot of random info I saved.  I bought sticky tabs from Staples, so I can see what is in each pocket.


Some of the things I have are our shul calendar, coupons and receipts.  Now I have a place to keep all the ads I cut out from local newspapers- they are in the “Flyers” pocket.

Our Family Daily Task List is available if we need to reference it:


And here are all those Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons I want to save, since they take expired coupons:


I also made sure to personalize the spine, so it looks all fancy-


How do you organize all of your random papers?  I’d love to hear what you do!

Until next time,