Thankful Thursday: My Dishwasher


If anyone ever asked me what my favorite home appliance was, hands down, it would be my dishwasher.


When we first got married, DH and I lived in an apartment with a portable dishwasher.  Meaning, it was free standing and had to be rolled over to the sink and plugged in before we ran it.

Since it was only the two of us, we really only used it after Shabbos.  Washing two place settings after dinner each night, just wasn’t such a big deal to us.  That was before kids 🙂

Now that we have kids, full-time jobs that are more demanding than ever before and a normal fleishig dishwasher that doesn’t have wheels on the bottom, I use it all.the.time.

So, basically we never wash meat dishes and whenever we eat pareve, we use meat dishes.  Bottles and cereal bowls still have to be hand-washed.  We run the dishwasher a few times a week and I put EVERYTHING in it.  If it doesn’t fit, it waits for the next load.


At this point I’m used to only having one dishwasher (although I wouldn’t mind another one if there was space in our kitchen for it).  The only reason the dirty dishes pile up now is because the dishwasher only washer dishes;  it doesn’t put them away…

What home appliance are you most thankful for?

Until next time,

  • Yiska

    OK I am trying this again, I keep getting sick!

    While I can think of three things that life would be much more complicated without (fridge, stove/oven, and washing machine), my favorite appliance is the washing machine. It allows for more patience with kids if you know that “we can throw it in the wash.”

    But really, I just really really like our washing machine. It has all these cool settings and features, makes a pretty noise when it finishes (and then again 10 minutes later if you don’t turn it off), it was the first and the only appliance we owned until several months ago (we lived in furnished places until then), and for some reason I like doing laundry. Except for right now when I just want soup to magically appear and then go to bed. 🙂

    • ahhh, yes, the washing machine! Not sure I’d be able to live without that one either, but I guess I just love my dishwasher more 😉