How She Does It: Book Review


You never know what great books you’ll come across on Amazon.  The great thing about Amazon is that they often offer book for very low prices, or even for free.  I grabbed How She Does It by Anne Bogel when I saw that the price was $0.00.  I had no idea what it was about, but it sounded like something up my ally.

Described as “An everywoman’s guide to breaking old rules, getting creative, and making time for work in your actual, everyday life.” this book was just what this working mom needed!

What is this book about?

From the book site:

Today, more than ever before, women are in a position to do fulfilling and profitable work without the mother guilt of previous generations. A shifting work culture, advancements in mobile technology, and the rise of small business opportunities all contribute to the growing field of prospects for women in the work place.


How She Does It [affiliate link] unpacks these trends in family & work culture, and gets to the core of HOW you can make your work goals fit into your unique family situation.


Read the personal success stories of 30 women who found – by playing to their unique strengths– solutions that really work for their families. They’ve taken the road less traveled so that your journey can be a bit smoother.

Who is this book intended for?

Any person with a regular job would appreciate this book.  It’s geared towards moms but I think that anyone looking for ideas on how to make a flexible work arrangement work for them will appreciate it.

What did I like about this book?

I love reading real-life stories of how people take a loaded schedule, shift a few things around and boom -it’s not so bad after all.

The author begins the book by telling her own personal story.  In the book she washes away her mom-guilt and makes some simple changes that allow her to have the perfect work-life balance.

This book has tons of personal stories from women who work in all different fields and have kids of all different ages.  There was a ton of encouragement along with an even balance of practical advice.

In conclusion…

I really enjoyed this book.  It was a light read, perfect for the train or right before bed.  I don’t know if I would’ve spent $4.99 on it, but for free, it was perfect!

What good books have you read lately?

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