Winter Break for Less than $50

winter break

Our two oldest kids were off from school during the last week of January.  We really wanted to keep vacation costs down and here’s how we did it.


My sister came to visit us!  Cousin fun all around for my boys.  They also had a nice trip to the dollar store and got to choose one toy each.  The toys they chose were junk, but kept them occupied for the rest of the day.

cost:  $2.14


DH took the boys to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Believe it or not, they love going to the Art Museum, as they call it.  They got to see all of the Egyptian artifacts just after they learned about Paroah in Mitzrayim in the parsha.  DH paid the carpool rate for tolls, found street parking, used his work pass to get in for free and packed snack/lunch from home.

cost:  $5.75


The boys have been begging to go to a local indoor park and finally got to go!  The best part of this trip was that you don’t have to pay for adults.  The boys had a blast!

cost:  $25


DH was on duty again and took the boys to a local science museum.  Since we already bought a membership there, there was no entrance fee.  The only thing that cost money were the tolls to get there/back and the ice cream DH treated the boys to for their good behavior.

cost:  <$15


Since it was a short day and we had to prepare for Shabbos, we didn’t go on any big trips.  Since our time was limited DH took the boys to the local library; a place we don’t go to very often.  They got to choose their own books and we got to read them through the mini snow storm we had over Shabbos.

cost:  free

All in all, we had a great vacation, the boys had fun and we kept it low cost.  I realize that we probably won’t always be able to do this, but I’m glad we could have a fun time without breaking the bank.

How did you keep busy during yeshiva week? 

Until next time,

  • What fun! I love local entertainment. I’m surprised your kids enjoyed the MMA. I don’t think my kids would last lol!

    • You never know- your kids might like it. They didn’t spend a ton of time there and were walking a lot, but they definitely had fun. It’s more kid friendly than you think!