Time to Feel: Why I Started a Daily Gratitude Journal

gratutude journal

Sometimes bad things happen.  Loved ones pass away, get sick or struggle emotionally.  What happens to others can deeply effect us.  Usually we need time to process what’s happening. Then we need to cope with it.  And lastly, sometimes we need to grieve.

All these feelings are normal but they take time- which is something us working mom’s have very little of.

So, I’ve been asking myself this question: Is working a good distraction when something bad happens? Does it mean you don’t allow yourself time to grieve/mourn? Is it just a way to avoid feeling pain?

I’m not a psychologist, social worker or other mental health professional, so I don’t have the answers. These questions have been on my mind since mid-April when my grandmother passed away.  I started writing this post, but stopped half way through.


Now that a few months have passed I wish I would’ve had more time to be sad. Whenever I think of my grandmother no longer being around it is a hard thought to bear, so I quickly move onto something else. Something positive.

I wish there was more time in my day to feel emotions. I’m moving around so quickly making sure things get done that I don’t always stop to think.


I decided that I needed to change all that. I need a few minutes every day to stop, reflect and feel.  All of the rushing in my life inspired me to start my daily gratitude journal.  I made some printables and turned them into a diary of sorts.  There’s a place to write what I’m grateful for, what I would’ve done differently and a place for my random thoughts.  You know, those thoughts that just take up space in your mind and keep you from doing more important things.


In the past I’ve written a Gratitude Journal with just one thing a day that I was grateful for. I originally thought I would write the same thing everyday, but I actually did not need to repeat myself at all throughout the month.  There are so many things to be grateful for. I don’t want to miss even one.

Click here to download your copy of my Recognize the Good – A Daily Gratitude Journal.

Until next time,