Ladies Night Out – Without Guilt?

I love catching up with old friends. I used to try an arrange a night out for myself at least once a month. That slowly turned into once every other month and then spun out of control to the point where I can’t even remember the last time I went out with friends.

I’ve noticed that as my kids are getting older along with my longer hours at work, I just have a huge amount of guilt when I spend the evening away from them.  It’s not like they’re perfect angels when I’m with them, but I wonder what they think of the fact that I’m not around that much.

On the weekdays I’m not working from home I basically see them for an hour in the morning and just about that much in the evening before it’s bedtime.  That isn’t much time at all.

If I really want to be the good mother I thought I’d be, then shouldn’t I be spending more time with my kids?

{this post is just my thoughts… no resolution, no perfect solution, no lesson learned.}

Until next time,

  • Yiska

    To be a good mother you need time for yourself!!!! It is OK to go out with friends once a month!! This will become clear to you upon actually doing it!! Repeat this to yourself as often as necessary!! Not one exclamation point is wasted here!!

  • I always think of it like this: You need to take care of yourself too. That could mean a night out with the girls…or alone time wherever. I find I feel great when I make time for myself, making me a more enjoyable mommy to be around. 🙂