Reflections on This Past School Year

Now I have to brag about my kids. I don’t do it often here on the blog, but right now I’m just feeling so lucky!

My kids ended this school year with a bang! My 2 older ones each had an end of year play and I was lucky enough to be able to attend both of them.

I could tell that my kids practiced their speaking parts and songs almost every day. The enthusiasm they came home with was contagious and it really made me excited to see the final product.

Each child had his shining moment. We made sure to take pictures and videos to share with everyone. Then of course we had to watch each video numerous times that evening.

My kids are growing up so quickly and it’s hard to believe we’ll have a first grader next year. Gosh, I feel like I’m the one graduating!

I’m going to miss having little kids, but I’m excited for their future. I’m excited to see their personalities continue to develop and to be involved with their personal growth.

At the same time I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve never raised kids before, so what do I know? I hope that I’m the type of mom that knows when to push and when to hold back.

No one ever said parenting is easy, but they do say that it’s rewarding. And it certainly is.

How do you feel at the end of the school year? Are you happy with how the year went?

Until next time,