Pesach… It’s Coming!

Matzoh-Matzah-Matzo-Passover2008Pesach- whether you love it or dread it it’s coming!  I think this is the first year that Pesach has been on my mind since even before Purim.  I already bought sippy cups, determined which clothes the kids will wear and thought about when we’ll have the cars cleaned.  I feel like that’s definitely an improvement from last year.

For those of you staying home for the holiday, check out my post on freezer cooking for Pesach.  You can also download a Pesach app to help with the prep.  For those of you going away, check out my ultimate packing list.  A little something for everyone 😉

And if you, like me, are super busy and need a reminder on the basics of Pesach, here ya go.

Pesach Inyanei D’Yoma

Things to do before Pesach

  • Mechiras (selling) chametz – before Pesach
  • Bedikas (searching for) chametz – night before Erev Pesach
  • Biur (burning) chametz – morning of Erev Pesach

Things we do on Pesach

  • Do not eat chametz; eat matza
  • Have a seder.  Mitzvos at the seder include:
    • 4 cups of wine
    • Matza
    • Marror
    • Telling the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim (Exodus from Egypt)
  • Start counting Sefiras HaOmer – begins on the second night of Pesach

Davening on Pesach

  • Hallel (full Hallel on the first 2 days, half Hallel on the rest)
  • Tefilas Tal
  • We start saying v’sen bracha

Obviously there’s mores, but this is a good start.  Stay tuned for my next “Shabbos in One Hour” post- the perfect pre-yom tov Shabbos menu!

Until next time,