tAPPing into Tech: Passover Assistant

Tapping into Tech is where I review my favorite apps and tell you why they are super awesome for working moms.

My husband’s grandfather always emails me interesting things he sees online and this one made it to the blog!  I thought this Passover Assistant app sounded so cool!


For those of you making Pesach this year, an app like this can come in super handy.  You can make all of your menus and shopping lists on your way to work and/or during your lunch break and you’ll always have them with you!

Using this app is a super easy way to keep your Pesach prep under control and super organized.

While I think this app sounds super cool because it was made specifically for Pesach, I think that you can use your existing apps to accomplish the same thing.  Only differnece is that this app keeps the Pesach planning all in one place.  You can also email it to yourself for next year!

It’s amazing what technology can do for you!

Until next time,